Linge Languages is Peggy Froidefond: French translator, native speaker and who also has a degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Strasbourg.


For other languages than French, Linge Languages works only with native speakers (i.e. they only translate into our mother tongue). They all work under the same motto: quality at the best price.

In other words:      

  • Our texts are always corrected by a second person.
  • Our prices are exemplary of an excellent price/quality ratio.
  • We only accept texts for which we possess the level of specialist knowledge.
  • We make use of a translation memory programme that allows us to identify, save and re-use your own personal terminology.


HEMA: parts of the belgian site, posters, brochures, user manuals, packaging, etc.

-French version and voice-over of

-Frederique's Choice, the French version of Frederique van der Wal's elegant webshop.

- Holland Casino Valkenburg

- BCD Travel

We also work for several translation agencies, for adapted rates.


In French, Dutch or English



- Claudia Sträter : during meetings with the french-speaking part of the staff.

- Municipality of Rotterdam




Our areas of expertise:

Retail, sustainability, marketing, communication, websites, educational texts, software manuals, contracts...

Translations & corrections*
Rate per word - translations*                0.14 € - 0.18 €
Rate per word - corrections                  0.05 €
Hourly rate - corrections                       35.00 € - 40.00 €
Urgent assignment rate 150%

We also work for several translation agencies, for adapted rates.

*rates depend on the amount of words, level of specialist knowledge required and the deadline

Bilateral and conference interpreters -
whole day                                                500.00 €
half a day                                                 300.00
Any additional hours, per hour                  75.00 €

Voice-over & copywriting
Hourly rate:  40.00